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Trans Athlete, Coach, and Activist Chris Mosier: Claiming Your Legacy

Trans Athlete, Coach, and Activist Chris Mosier: Claiming Your Legacy

Chris Mosier has made history before, as the first transgender athlete to represent the United States in international competition, appear in the ESPN Body Issue, and be sponsored by Nike. In January, he once again blazed a trail at the Olympic Trials for the 50K racewalk, becoming the first transgender athlete to qualify and compete in the Trials in the gender with which they identify. However, injury nearly robbed him of the chance to make it to the starting line. Chris shares more on this episode.

Paralympic Gold Medalist Alana Nichols: Embracing New Identities

Paralympic Gold Medalist Alana Nichols: Embracing New Identities

Basketball, ski racing, sprint kayaking, surfing—Alana Nichols’ athletic career has brought her to the highest levels of a wide range of sports. Still, she tells us on this week’s show, as a Paralympian she often struggled to get the same care for her injuries as her able-bodied peers. Alana’s advocacy has carried over into her newer roles as president of the Women’s Sports Foundation and mother of baby Gunnar,

Soccer Coach and Mental Skills Consultant Amanda Ferranti: The Courage to Care

Soccer Coach and Mental Skills Consultant Amanda Ferranti: The Courage to Care

The second time Amanda Ferranti tore her ACL, she had a feeling her soccer career was over. Even as she coped with the challenges of recovery and retirement, she was working on another project: a system to help other injured athletes manage their emotions and thrive through, and beyond, their rehab process. In this episode, Amanda—now a soccer coach and certified mental performance consultant at Ferranti Empowerment—outlines the process by which she journaled and planned her way to a successful future.

Elite Runner Alia Gray: Breaking the Cycle

Elite Runner Alia Gray: Breaking the Cycle

We first spoke with this week’s guest, pro distance runner Alia Gray, in person during Olympic Marathon Trials weekend in February in Atlanta. She’d chosen not to run the race despite a qualifying time and an injury-free stretch—a choice made from joy rather than fear, she says, and one she describes at length in this episode. We caught up with her again in late April to find out how she was faring since the coronavirus pandemic upended her season.

Water Skier and Coach Matteo Luzzeri: Strength Through Support

Water Skier and Coach Matteo Luzzeri: Strength Through Support

In slalom water skiing, Matteo Luzzeri says, “you’re playing tug of war against a 6.2-liter engine boat.” Injury—both from overuse and from sudden, traumatic events—comes with the territory. On this week’s episode, Matteo—who’s also a Ph.D. in sport psychology—shares the story of his most serious injury, a ruptured Achilles in September 2014. Support and mental skills techniques both helped him come back stronger, he explains.

Cindy and Carrie on the Rebound Lifestyle, mid-Pandemic

Cindy and Carrie on the Rebound Lifestyle, mid-Pandemic

This podcast—and our book Rebound: Train Your Mind to Bounce Back Stronger from Sports Injuries—exist primarily to teach mental skills to sidelined athletes. But we’ve always known these lessons and techniques can transcend injury, and even sports performance. While we never imagined we’d be applying them to a global pandemic, here we are—and both of us, Carrie and Cindy, have been finding the same mental drills we use to bounce back from injury surprisingly relevant. Here’s how.

Individual Consulting

Sustaining an injury can be one of the most stressful occurrences you will face during your athletic career. From the moment you sustain an injury, to the moment you return to training and competition, the injury experience can send you on an emotional roller-coaster. During your injury recovery, the focus is often primarily on healing your body and not necessarily on the “mental rehab” you need; on building back trust and confidence in your body and your performance. Research shows that the use of mental skills training during injury recovery can benefit both your physical and mental recovery.

If you find yourself struggling with your feelings of confidence, holding yourself back out of fear of re-injury when you’ve been medically cleared, having a hard time trusting your body, or struggling with any of the mental and emotional aspects of your recovery— there is a way forward and Carrie can help. Sometimes you need some extra tools and support to get through this challenging time. Contact Carrie for more information on how you can help you build your resilience and confidence during your injury recovery.

Group Coaching

Online Injured Athlete Group Coaching programs coming in 2021!

Contact Carrie if you are interested in learning more about these upcoming programs.

Injuries affect every athlete, from the elite Olympian to the weekend racer. In the moment, a traumatic crash, a torn muscle, or a stress fracture can feel like the most devastating event possible. While some athletes are destroyed by the experience, others emerge from their recovery better, stronger, and more confident than ever.

Weaving together personal narratives from athletes, scientific research, and the specialized clinical expertise of mental skills coach Carrie Jackson Cheadle, Rebound contains more than 45 Mental Skills and Drills athletes can use at every phase of their recovery process. 

Injury and other setbacks are inevitable–but with training, you can learn to overcome them skillfully and confidently, the same way point guards and forwards practice rebounds.

Available in Paperback or Kindle Version.


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